On Track are committed to supporting the parents and carers of the young people we educate and care for at every stage of their partnership with us.  We know that choosing a school for your child is a very difficult process.  We encourage all parents and carers to contact and arrange a visit to your local school to meet leaders, staff and pupils and to decide if we could be the right school to meet your child’s needs before or during the referral process.   

Admissions and Referrals


Your first point of contact will normally be with your local education authority who will be able to advise you on whether On Track would be a suitable school for your child.  Young people will normally need an Education Health and Care Plan (formally known as a Statement of Educational Needs) in order to qualify for funding.   Parents and carers are always welcome to contact their local school for advice but referrals are only accepted from the local authority. 


What happens if my child is referred to an On Track school?

Upon receipt of a referral On Track will make contact with you and arrange to meet so that we can begin the process of establishing if we would be a successful school for your child.   We will work closely with you, your child  and any other partners involved to ascertain whether we can meet your child’s needs and to ensure that On Track is the best environment for your child to flourish.    If we all agree that this is the case we will respond to the local authority who will make the decision on whether or not a placement at On Track is the best one for your child.  


When do pupils start at On Track?

We can accept referrals and start placements at any point in the academic year.  


What is the transition process?

All our pupils are entitled to an enhanced transition but this will vary for each pupil.  Some students start immediately on a full time basis but for others the transition is slower.  


What does a pupil timetable include?

Each pupil’s timetable is unique to them and takes into account their individual needs and interests as well as the core school subjects.  Each school’s curriculum includes a wide range of choices at each school including a large range of vocational subjects, outdoor education,  forest school, music, cooking.  Your local school will be able to advise you best on the choices at their setting.  

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